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Boys U18 & Boys U14 Teams v Seniors at Droitwich GC on Monday 9th April 2018

10 U18 Boys and 10 U14 Boys arrived at Droitwich GC on Monday 9th April 2018 to play the inaugural double header fixture against 2 County Senior Teams. 

The U18 Boys were to be managed by Ian Henry, and captained by Jack Severn (Cleobury Mortimer), whilst the U14 side were to be managed bu Tom Warbrick and led by Harvey Jones (Kings Norton) who was newly announced as the U14 captain for the season.

The County Seniors were to be led by the County Senior Captain, Paul Newman, who would play against the U18 Boys, with Pete Adams (immediate past County Senior Captain) taking on the role of captaining the side playing the U14 Boys.

The format of the day was to be two separate matches. The U18 Boys playing 10 singles matches off scratch over a full 18 holes, with the amount of holes up, or down, at the end being totalled for all 10 matches to work out the winning team. The U14 Boys were to play 5 4BBB handicap matches, again over a full 18 holes, with the same scoring format as the U18s.

The U18 Boys match was started from the 1st tee by Dave McDermott, County Vice President, whilst the U14 match was started from the 10th tee by Jim Gray, also a County Vice President. 

As both sets of player came through 9 holes, it was clear that both matches were close, with the Seniors hoping their experience would come good on the back 9, whilst the boys hoped the Seniors would tire! 

In the end the U18 Boys match result was in the balance all the way to the final match, but the Boys took victory by virtue of finishing a total of 13 holes up, compared to the Seniors 9 holes up.  

U18 Boys v Seniors Match Score Card

In the U14 Boys match the Boys victory was a little more clear cut, finishing 11 holes up, compare to no hole sup for the Seniors. There is little doubt that some of the U14 Boys will have some large handicap reductions this season!

U14 Boys v Seniors Match Score Card

The day ended with an excellent two course meal provided by Shirley & Simon and their team. Ian Rone, Chairman of Droitwich GC, welcomed everyone to the club, and hoped that they had enjoyed their day. It had rained a little, but the course held up extremely well to the conditions, and none of the players spirits were dampened. 

Paul Newman spoke for the Seniors, and thanked Droitwich GC for hosting the event with only 3 days notice. He also thanked all the players for taking part and hoped that all the Worcestershire Teams would have success for the rest of the season.  On behalf of his U18 Boys Team Jack Severn also thanked Droitwich GC and gave the final score of his match. Harvey Jones, on behalf of the U14 Boys Team again thanked Droitwich GC and the caterers, and also highlighted the fact that this was the first County match for Hayden Sarfo.

All 40 players, 2 Boys Team Managers, Dave McDermott, Jim Gray and Ian Rone (Droitwich GC Chairman).

Finally, Bill Thompson, County Chairman again thanked Droitwich GC for pulling together all the arrangements for this match over only 3 days, and over a weekend. Bill was also keen to thank Paul Newman for his part in getting this event off the ground with very little notice.

The County very much hope we can make this an annual event in future.