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County Seniors v Warwickshire -19.7.13 Match Report


 Match Report – Worcs Seniors V Warwickshire – Droitwich  - 19th July 2013

 We welcomed the Warwickshire Seniors on what was to prove one of the hottest days of the year.

Our opponents had suffered injuries and sickness in that they could provide ten players instead of the usual twelve. It was agreed that Worcs would make up the numbers but the score in both sessions would be excluded from the overall result.

The morning greensomes went our way in that Bill Thompson/Ricky Chima won 3/2 and Steve Carpenter/Bryan Swain won by 4/2. Willie Kerr/Philip White recorded a 2/1 victory over their opponents. The match involving Peter Adams/Grenville Rose finished in spectacular fashion as Worcs were one down on the 9th tee. Grenville managed to hole a 60 yard second shot for an eagle to square the game. Mike O’Donnell/Richard Coverdale met a strong pairing and lost 3/2. In the last game Jim McQuiod/Alan Davidson were victorious over Peter Craddock and John Whitehead.

With scores of three and a half to one and a half the players engaged on the afternoon four balls. The weather then changed quite dramatically in that the sun beat down on the course and the slight breeze vanished. Poor Bill Thompson playing the first match with Ricky Chima was affected by heat stroke and had to retire on the 12th hole. Steve Carpenter/Bryan Swain had a close match throughout but they lost on the last hole. Willie Kerr/Philip White were behind for most of their match and could not break through and finished up two down on the 18th. Hope for the match came when Grenville Rose/Peter Adams recorded a 5 and 4 victory over their opponents. Peter’s short game was a noticeable difference in this game as this pair provided an excellent standard throughout. That left us needing a win in the last game to halve the match. Sadly Mike O’Donnell and Richard Coverdale went down by two holes. The last match, which was non qualifying, finished with revenge from the morning session as Jim McQuoid and Alan Davidson lost 2/1.

It took quite a time for all the players to recover from the heat and many looked drained from their efforts.

The final result stood as five and a half to Worcestershire against nine and a half to Warwickshire.

My personal thanks go to all of the players taking part in this game and battling through the incredible heat. Droitwich, as always, provided excellent refreshments and the course was in very good condition, given the extended hot spell

I would also mention my thanks to John Whitehead, the Captain of Droitwich, and Peter Craddock who stood in at very short notice.

John Swann

Worcs Seniors Captain