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EGU County Sixes Midland Qualifier REPORT

EGU County Sixes Midland Qualifier

Whittlebury Park Golf Club


(Ben Robinson tapping in for another good par in wet conditions) 


The weather once again played a large part in this two day fixture. We left Worcester early on Tuesday morning and the rain fell heavily throughout the journey. The team gathered for a meeting over lunch and we decided to head out and play our practise round so to prepare for the following day. The team managed nine holes before the rain completely flooded the greens forcing us to walk the back nine and make notes. The boys made the most of this practise round noting tee shot lines, wind direction and putting to possible pin positions.


Unfortunately as we woke on the tournament day it was already raining and the forecast was not for it to improve. However Ben Robinson led the team out and posted a fantastic one under for his morning round. Liam Phipps and Josh McMahon also battled hard for their 75s (+3) and Worcestershire were positioned fourth out of ten with the second round to come.


Name                           AM

Ben Robinson             71        -1

Josh McMahon            75        +3

Liam Phipps                75        +3

Oliver Gough              77        +5

Josh Thorpe                 79        +7

Tom Godfrey              81        +9


We had brief rest spite from the rain just after lunch allowing the early groups some better playing conditions. However it was not long before the rain returned and this time heavier. Worcestershire started to mount a fight back and halfway through the afternoon rounds the team were collectively under par. The boys new it would be an almost impossible task to catch Staffordshire but second was a very achievable goal. Once again the weather had the last word and play was first suspended before being abandoned for the day.


The team should be proud of their finishing position and Worcestershire once again finish near the top of the ten counties.


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