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Worcestershire Boys Vs Warwickshire Boys Narrowly lost 6 1/2 - 8 1/2

Worcestershire Boys Vs Warwickshire Boys


Halesowen Golf Club


Sunday 5th May 2013



Josh Thorpe                 Kidderminster Golf Club                    Captain

Andrew Longmore     Kidderminster Golf Club

Josh McMahon            Redditch Golf Club

Oliver Gough              Gaudet Luce Golf Club

Josh Bryan                  Worcester Golf & Country Club

Tim Shephard              The Vale Golf Club

Giles Blakeley             The Vale Golf Club

Tom Godfrey              Fulford Heath Golf Club

Tom Howells               The Worcestershire Golf Club

Dominic Berki             Kings Norton Golf Club




Josh McMahon on his way to foursomes victory with partner Tom Godfrey.




Oliver Gough                                                                          Morgan Jackson

Josh Bryan                                          1Up     1                      Marcus Mollison


Josh Thorpe                                                                             Tom Jones

Andy Longmore                     1          5&4                             Jamie Calvert


Tim Shephard                                                                          Callum Reay

Giles Blakeley                                     3&1     1                      Luke Northwood


Josh McMahon                                                                        Stefan Gnyla

Tom Godfrey                          1          3&1                             Monty Williamson


Tom Howells                           1          1Up                             Luke Allen

Dominic Berki                                                                         Sam Broadhurst


Am Result                               3                                  2



Josh Bryan                                          3&1                 1          Morgan Jackson


Oliver Gough                                      4&3                 1          Marcus Mollison


Andy Longmore                     1          1UP                            Tom Jones


Josh Thorpe                             1          5&4                             Jamie Calvert


Giles Blakeley                         ½         A/S                  ½         Alex Kotlarzewski


Tim Shephard                          1          3&2                             Luke Northwood


Josh McMahon                                   2Up                 1          Monty Williamson


Tom Godfrey                                      3&1                 1          Stefan Gnyla


Tom Howells                                       5&3                 1          Sam Broadhurst


Dom Berki                                          3&2                 1          Luke Allen


Pm Result                                            3 ½                              6 ½


FINAL RESULT                                 6 ½                              8 ½



The first league match of the season has finally arrived and with it a run of fine weather. Windy conditions made Halesowen a fine test for the lads and I witnessed some high standard golf shots throughout the day.


Worcestershire started the day well and pretty much controlled the foursomes through the first nine holes finding ourselves up in four of the five matches. However foursomes is a great test of mental strength and Warwickshire fought back hard and their first pair birdied the last three holes to turn that match completely around. At lunch the lads were very pleased to be leading 3 – 2.


The singles as normal with Warwickshire are tight matches and quite often look like they could go either way. The back to back par threes at fifteen and sixteen proving to be pivotal holes in most matches. The lads gave it their best shot but Warwickshire just edged the singles and won the opening league match.  Congratulations to Dean and his team.


Finally I’d like to thank Halesowen Golf Club for their hospitality and support throughout the day and I look forward to returning soon. I’d also like to thank all the parents and Worcestershire supporters for their on course support, I know the lads appreciate it. Please come and support us in our next home match at Kidderminster on Sunday 16th June.


Ian Henry

Worcestershire U18s Manager