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Worcestershire Seniors v Leicestershire Seniors at Kilworth GC on 22nd April

The Kilworth weather first thing was sunny but a rather chilly wind kept us in
sweaters for most of the morning . The morning greensomes were contested
very evenly, the majority of the games finishing either one up or one down.
Leicestershire carried a one point lead into the afternoon fourballs having
enjoyed a rather interesting lunch!
Worcestershire reverted to an old ploy of changing playing partners for the
afternoon to good effect, three matches were won and one halved giving a
final score of 9 ½ to 8 ½ in Worcestershires favour. This was a very closely
contested encounter played at an ideal venue giving us a good start to the
season. Two players scored maximum points for the team, congratulations
to Bryan Swain and modesty forbids me to mention the other!!
Thank you to the eleven players who turned up on time, for some reason
Mr Cartwright decided to visit Cambridge before the match, I think his
Satnav was upside down??

Results: Greensomes.

Adams and Swain bt Anderson and Sherwood ---------------------------1up.
McGilvray and Swann lost to Watson and Lewis---------------------------1down
Desmond andO’Donnell lost to Scoular and Daley------------------------2down
Mahon and Chima halved with Corp and Kullar----------------------------half
Cartwright and Stallard lost to Hardwick and Clarke----------------------1down
Rose and Craddock bt Hough and Hall--------------------------------------- 1up

Results: Fourballs.

Adams and McGilvray lost to Anderson and Sherwood-------------------3 and 1
Swain and Swann bt Watson and Lewis---------------------------------------2 and 1
Desmond and Mahon lost to Scoular andDaley-----------------------------1 down
Chima and O’Donnell bt Corp and Kullar--------------------------------------3 and 2
Cartwright and Craddock halved with Hardwick and Clarke---------------half
Rose and Stallard bt Hough and Hall--------------------------------------------1 up

Grenville Rose
Seniors Captain.