Worcestershire County Golf Ltd

County Championship 36 Holes

Wednesday 9th June 2021, Tees, Hollywood Golf Club Ltd

(95% handicap allowance)

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Kieron Austin Hagley (-2)7270142-2
2nd Shaun Roberts Worcester (1)7271143-1
3rd Ben Woodward Worcester (-3)7571146+2
3rd Scott Lane Bewdley Pines (1)7274146+2
3rd Nathan Slater Bewdley Pines (-3)6977146+2
6th Adam Norman Moseley (-1)7573148+4
7th Henry James The Kidderminster (1)7871149+5
7th Hugh Adams Hagley (-3)7673149+5
9th Jake Kelly Ombersley (0)7872150+6
9th Phil Wastell Droitwich (-5)7773150+6
9th Richard Sadler Moseley (-3)7476150+6
9th Giles Winthrop Worcester (0)7476150+6
13th Rudy Hercik Vale (-2)7972151+7
14th Luke Rogers The Kidderminster (-1)8072152+8
14th Giles Blakely Vale (2)7874152+8
16th Simon Green Worcester (2)8073153+9
17th Mark Dunkley Moseley (1)7678154+10
17th Neil Grubb Worcester (0)7579154+10
19th Matthew Brookbanks Moseley (0)7679155+11
20th Jack Severn Cleobury Mortimer (-4)8473157+13
20th Paul Reeves Redditch Golf Club (1)8275157+13
20th Roman Croft Fulford Heath (3)8176157+13
20th Tom Wakeman Hagley (-3)8077157+13
20th Harry Chadwick Worcester (-1)8077157+13
20th Craig Moss Vale (0)7780157+13
26th Oliver Walker Bransford Golf Club (1)8078158+14
26th Scott Wilson Bewdley Pines (0)7979158+14
26th Steven Watton Churchill & Blakedown (-1)7781158+14
26th Evan Lewis Droitwich (-1)7682158+14
30th Harrison Leaver Worcester (1)8079159+15
30th Kristian Allen Moseley (1)7980159+15
32nd Dan Wakeman Hagley (5)7981160+16
33rd Russell Ager Redditch (2)8279161+17
34th Jason Allies The Worcestershire (1)7884162+18
34th louie Stott Bewdley Pines (0)7884162+18
34th Sam Jones Bransford (4)7686162+18
37th Steve Bird Worcester (2)8974163+19
38th Richard Milner Droitwich (5)8183164+20
38th Steven Hubball Stourbridge (4)8183164+20
40th Daniel Mortimer Hollywood Golf Club Ltd (4)8284166+22
41st Carl Young Droitwich Golf Club (5)8681167+23
41st anthony ottway The Worcestershire (1)8384167+23
43rd John Cullen Redditch (0)8485169+25
44th David Jack Ombersley (5)8587172+28
45th Andy Cavendish The Kidderminster (4)8490174+30
46th Jonathan Hunt Bransford (4)8689175+31
47th Andy Goodyer Moseley (4)9780177+33
48th Tom Robinson Vale (6)9088178+34
49th Jack Humphreys Worcester (4)9193184+40
50th Josh Perry Bewdley Pines (5)9892190+46
51st Sam Talbot Kings Norton (-1)84NR  
52nd Solomon Drew Worcester (4)NR81  
53rd Joshua Bryan Worcester (2)NR81  
54th graham wallace Bransford (1)73WD  

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